Things to think about before you call your Farrier

1.  Make appointments one or two weeks in advance and keep them.

2.  Have the horse caught and held in a dry, accessible area

3.  Provide a good place to work, - level and dry, plenty of light, shade if hot, safe and no "spooks" (small children, pets, machinery, ect.) or wire traps.

4.  Be available to hold the horse. If this is not possible, provide someone who is familiar with the horse. A horse will generally stand better for someone it is familiar with

5.  Handle the horse's feet regularly. Keep them free of disease. Tie the horse for long periods to teach it to stand quietly for shoeing.

6.  Inform the farrier of any behavioral or foot problems the horse may have.

7.  Have the horse's feet clean before the farrier comes. Do not apply hoof dressing for at least 24 hours before the farrier comes. (It makes a greasy mess!)

8.  Take care of the horse. Schedule a re-shoeing before the hoofs become overgrown and the shoes lost. Realize shoeing is a regular event.

9.  Pay the farrier when he or she does the work.

10. Be loyal to your farrier! Remember the best farrier available is the cheapest in the long run.

11. Ask your farrier questions, remember that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.


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